Explore what it means to be a part of our virtual nature-inspired salon community!

Field N Salon is a virtual collaborative platform for building a collective 3D experience through computing. The virtual platform operates as a shared space, allowing users to construct an environment, upload both rendered and photogrammetry models, fabricate with 3D primitives/tools and embed links to other spaces.

As a group, we reimagined how a virtual 'hair salon' might be constructed and used by people living in the Kings Cross area. By their nature, hair salons are ubiquitous but specific to their locale, operating as community spaces that allow users to self-represent and individually construct their identities.

Experience and join the communities we have created through a shared encounter in mixed Reality. Building and designing four biophilic terrains, each area re-imagines the community space of the ‘salon’, here you can traverse alternative scales, reassembled objects increasing your connectivity to nature by immersing yourself in four interlinked spaces: Funghi Forest, Teeming Terrarium, Head Garden, and Supernature.

Come find us in room KX J201B at Central Saint Martins from 3-5pm on the 30th of May! For those who would prefer to tap into the worlds from home, please find the link to both the hotglue site with information about the spaces that make up Field N Salon https://virtual-salon.hotglue.me/?Home or visit via the Virtual Reality website. https://field-n-salon.glitch.me
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